Who we are?

Jolanta Lazdeniece - founder, manager and certified broker of "RED insurance brokers" LTD

"RED insurance brokers" is a brand new company in the insurance market - it was founded in 2021, but I have been working as an insurance specialist in this sector for more than 14 years. This has allowed me to get to know the market well, as well as its trends and specificities.

I started my career in the insurance industry in one of the leading non-life insurance companies in Northern Europe, If P&C Insurance AS, in its Latvian branch. Having worked in this field for several years, I wanted to offer more opportunities to clients by aggregating offers from several insurers and to act as an insurance broker. If you want something badly, life offers opportunities! I joined one insurance brokerage company, then another, where, working with great trust and dedication, I gained the necessary experience to continue my professional career, having already become the head of an insurance brokerage company myself.

In defining the company's mission and objectives, I have been guided by my personal convictions and experience.


To offer clients insurance solutions that meet their real needs and are worth the investment.


In the near future, we see ourselves among the leading insurance brokerage companies in Latvia, uniting top insurance professionals and boasting the most satisfied clients.


Development - we move with the times, never stop learning and improving our skills.

Professionalism - we regularly follow the latest industry and market trends in order to offer our clients the best solutions at the highest quality.

Business and work culture - we stand for intelligence and respect among our colleagues as well as in our client and partner relationships.

Reputation - is the intangible asset of a company, for safe, productive and successful cooperation with its clients

RED insurance brokers, LTD is an insurance broker company certified by the Latvijas Banka

The broker's professional liability is insured in accordance with the requirements of the Insurance and Reinsurance Distribution Law.

RED insurance brokers is a member of the Latvian Insurers Association.

RED insurance brokers is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Why RED?

The colour red has been attributed a wide variety of qualities and characteristics in different cultures and centuries. Whatever the interpretation, for us at RED insurance brokers, red symbolises love and passion, accurately reflecting our attitude to the work we do. We love what we do and we do what we love. Satisfied clients and their sincere "Thank you!" confirms that we are heading in the right direction.

What makes us different from other insurance brokerages?

We are all about balancing professionalism and simplicity, so we strive to make our work both complete and easy both to comprehend and to understand.

We are meticulous, paying attention to even the most subtle nuances, which can sometimes slip by unnoticed by the less trained eye. We assess even the most insignificant risks and at the same time always fight for our clients' intereststrying to obtain the best possible terms from insurers.

We strive to make our clients happy and satisfied by doing our job carefully and to the best of our intentions, because the giver gets back the given.

What makes us not different from other insurance brokerage companies?

Like every other brokerage company in Latvia, we operate within the framework of insurance and national laws. We provide insurance brokerage services, representing our clients' interests and offering the most favourable terms in the selected insurance products.

Why choose us?

Many people still don't know and think that they have to pay for brokerage. Usually in the service sector it is, but in insurance it is different and it is even regulated by Latvian and European laws and regulations. The broker's fee is paid by the insurance company whose product is chosen, which means that the client does not have to pay extra for the brokerage service.

When working with an insurance broker, the price and conditions of the chosen insurance product (policy) will be identical or even more favourable than those the client would receive when approaching each insurance company individually. This is because the broker promotes competition between insurance companies and the services they provide.

A broker aggregates offers from several insurance companies - reads and compares all the conditions, finds the most favourable conditions according to the client's needs and financial possibilities, helps to obtain the indemnity payment in case of an insured event, and provides support and advice on insurance-related issues throughout the insurance period.

When you work with a broker, you will definitely benefit because, for the same price, the broker will find the most suitable and financially advantageous insurance cover for you among all the insurance companies' offers and will support you during the whole policy period.

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