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For the safety of you and your family. Insure your belongings and third party damage too.

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects against unexpected losses if something happens to the insured property. It provides financial support in case of fire, flood, theft, negligent behaviour of neighbours, etc. For extra security, you can also insure the contents of your home and civil liability in case you cause damage to third parties.

What properties can be insured?

Home insurance is available for houses, semi-detached houses, terraced houses, apartments, summer houses, various ancillary buildings such as baths, garages, cellars, sheds, etc. New buildings or buildings under reconstruction, as well as various ancillary buildings, gates, fences, sheds, etc. can also be insured by special agreement.

Integral components of the property such as water, sewage, heating systems, pipelines, etc., as well as structural elements of the building - stairs, glazing, finishes, etc. are also automatically insured.

What is covered by a Home Insurance Policy?

The scope of risks covered by an insurance policy can vary - you can cover all the risks offered by the insurance company, or you can cover only certain risks.

If you choose all-risk insurance, you will be indemnified against loss, damage or loss of the insured immovable property or personal belongings as a result of sudden and unforeseeable external events (e.g. fire, natural disasters, flooding, during repair or construction work, water, heating and/or sewage system breakdown, unlawful acts of third parties, etc.).

For additional security, the policy may also include damage caused by tenants or guests, temporary accommodation rental expenses, electronic risks, key service, insurance of movable property located outside the home, etc., according to the customer's needs.

What is not covered?

Insurance companies do not cover expenses resulting from long-term and gradual processes, such as damage caused by corrosion, mould, oxidation, humidity, changes in the structure of the material, settling of the foundations of the building, cracks, etc. Damage caused by temporary interruptions of water, electricity or gas supply, faulty repairs or reconstruction are also not covered.


Important! Before you buy a policy, read carefully the risks and exclusions covered!

Life Insurance

As well as external risks to the property, damage can also occur to items in the home, so it is worth including contents insurance in your home insurance. This protects your furniture, furnishings, electrical appliances, clothing, sports and hobby equipment, household equipment, etc. You'll also be covered in case of uninvited guests - thieves.

In addition, items belonging to the employer that have been handed over for use - work computers, telephones, furniture, etc., as well as valuables, money on a bank card or in cash - can also be insured.

Renters can insure only their belongings without home insurance.

Third Party Liability Insurance

If you cause damage to the property, health or life of third parties, for example by accidentally flooding your downstairs neighbours, third party liability insurance will provide compensation for the damage.

The policy can also include co-insureds, or other residents of the home with whom you share a household.

What should I do if I have an accident?

If an insured event occurs, you should call the responsible service immediately:

  • In case of fire or explosion, the National Fire and Rescue Service,
  • in case of theft, robbery or attempted robbery, the National Police,
  • in the event of a heating or sewerage breakdown or water, the emergency services, the building manager or the building operator.


Within 3 working days of the accident, you must inform the insurance company and fill in a claim form or seek advice from an insurance broker. The insurer will then inform you of the next steps.


Iportant! You must not start any repairs to your home until the insurer has given permission, except those that are immediately necessary to avoid endangering others or causing further damage.

Home Insurance

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