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Accident Insurance for children

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Insurance for active and inquisitive children that will support them in case of sudden and unforeseen injuries.

What is a Accident Insurance for children?

Children's accident insurance provides financial support in the event of a sudden, unforeseeable injury, such as frostbite or burns, poisoning from poisonous plants, electric shock, etc. As child injuries are very common, insurance will give parents some peace of mind about medical expenses.

What is covered by a child Accident Insurance Policy?

The main accident risks covered by an accident insurance policy are usually:

  • burns;
  • frostbite;
  • broken bones and injuries;
  • mutilation;
  • disability;
  • death.


Additional risks may include:

  • medical expenses;
  • hospital daily subsistence allowance;
  • animal, insect bites;
  • social care and psychological help after the injury;
  • civil liability insurance, etc.


Important! If the insured child regularly takes part in sports or other hobbies that involve a high level of activity, the insurer must be informed of these before the policy is taken out.


What is not covered by the Policy?

Most often, the insurance does not cover losses due to injury or illness, for example:

  • if it is the result of voluntarily exposing yourself to extreme danger;
  • if the injury was caused by malice or wrongful act;
  • if the injury or infection, which is not visually apparent, has not been confirmed by a doctor of an appropriate specialty;
  • for circulatory disorders, cerebral hemorrhages, internal bleeding, unless they are the result of an accident;
  • chronic and/or congenital diseases;
  • injury sustained in professional or amateur sports competitions or training, unless covered.


Important! When concluding an insurance contract, carefully read the exclusions, as they may differ for each insurance company. If your child plays a sport, it is advisable to include injuries sustained during sport in the cover and to tailor the insurance to your child's lifestyle and potential risks. For example, wrestling, mountaineering, slalom skiing, etc. are considered riskier.

What to do if an insurance event occurs?

If an insured event occurs, you should inform the insurer as soon as possible and fill in an application form. On request, you must submit additional documents so that the insurer can assess what has happened and decide on the amount of the indemnity.

Accident Insurance for Children

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